The Artist

Francisco Gouveia the Artist, Musician, Song Writer. With over 300 Recorded Songs with major labels during his career, some of his music and lyrics have deeply touched listeners through the years. This is what a man by the name of Augusto had to say:

"Mr. Gouveia, do you remember a letter I sent you while I was in Angola and I asked you if I could buy the song "Canção de um Soldado," record ? ...Not only you sent me that record but also 2 others. I loved that song, my mother had just died and that song I have never forgotten." Thank you.

- Augusto - 2008

"Um dia eu estava no café Alcach em Alcochete e no grande ecrã de televisão eu vi uma intervista com você. Cada um no Alcach estava assistindo. Você começou a cantar a canção sobre Alcochete ... a parte de ser a terra de minha mãe me fez chorar ... foi lindo."

- Pedro - 2008

The Music & Lyrics

Francisco Gouveia's passion for Portugal is reflected in his songs. Most of his lyrics and song themes were dedicated to Portugal and real life experiences. His mother Ana Rita Bolota was from Alcochete, this would explain his love for the Campino way of life. In his youth, he spent a lot of time in and around Alcochete playing at the local Bombeiros and other Festivals. He wrote the popular *Vira De Alcochete* song in 1960 for Alvorada recording label performed by a duet. Even today this song is played at festivals and radio. Any of the old generation Alcochete residents can sing this song for you. This was early in his long artistic recording career that followed.

A special salute to the Bolota Family in memory of his cousin Gregório Bolota.

Francisco Gouveia Recording at Comfort Sound Toronto

Comfort Sound started on Dufferin Street in Toronto Canada. It was near Gouveia's house so he walked in to this small 4 track studio at the time and recorded a demo. He then used this studio as it advanced to more recording tracks. The studio move down to Soho/queen st. trendy area. " Comfort Sound was owned by engineer/producer Doug McClement, Clients included Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bryan Adams, REM, The Police, Burton Cummings, CITY-TV, CHUM Radio, MuchMusic, Q107 Toronto, CBC Television, CTV, CHCH and many, many others. " - by Blair Packham

Conjunto Tipico de Francisco Gouveia

Conjunto Tipico de Francisco Gouveia

His band Conjunto Tipico Francisco Gouveia was born out of an idea from one of his friends at a record label office one day. His friend told him, "Chico, you write many great songs, why don't you form your own band?".

Francisco Gouveia / Maria Albertina

Francisco Gouveia / Albertina

Francisco Gouveia also wrote songs for various artist that help them gain global popularity. One that comes to mind is Maria Albertina. The song Avé-Maria do Coração (duet) that Francisco Gouveia wrote for her was a hit record through out Portuguese communities worldwide. Other Hit records that followed of songs he wrote for Maria Albertina were:

Santa Luzia, Senhora do Sameiro. Esticadinho. São João Maroteiro, Linda Romeira, Ai Ele Toca e toca bem, Ceifeira do Campo, Linda Viana, Senhora de Matosinhos.

Francisco Gouveia Biography