alcochete museums.
Rich Archaeological findings, Paleolithic period, Neolithic, Roman times

Center Headquarters

It first opent its doors to the publick in 1998. It addressed themes of archeology, history and ethnography based collections in chronological criteria, where the enhancement of local cultural heritage is a priority.
Its collection includes archaeological findings from the Paleolithic period, Neolithic and Roman times, the last grade of importance, from excavations made in the area of the Municipality. A small but valuable collection of objects representing important moments in the history of the Municipality. A significant ethnographic collection has led to various areas of exposure, highlighting the importance of activities of the sea, where the shipbuilding, transport and inland salt is supplemented with agriculture.

Center for Sacred Art

In 1993, following a protocol established between the Holy House of Mercy and the City of Alcochete after deep works of restoration in the Church of Mercy, it open to the public the Center for Sacred Art Museum of the City. Center for Sacred Art in addition to the church itself, is an interesting Mannerist space, with its Retable, written by Diogo Teixeira and Antonio da Costa, composed of six thematic panels forming two levels, Birth and Passion of Christ. The visitorS can observe pieces of jewelry, robe, documentary collections, sculpture and painting. As the painting collection of the meaning and May that resulted in the creation of the core, covering the period between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, with particular emphasis on the Flag of Mercy, one of the oldest in the country

Core of Salt

Founded on the basis of a protocol between the City Council and Fundação João Gonçalves Junior, in 1990 open to the public the Core of Sal. This arose from the core desire to preserve and perpetuate the memory of one of the most important work activities of the Municipality, the salt industry, and contributes to increasing the cultural heritage transmitting the essence of a culture threatened with extinction.

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