bullfighting where the bull is king.
Alcochete, Bull Fighting Tradition.

Alcochete Bullfighting
Alcochete Bullfighting arena

Bullfighting reflects the Alcochete identity. The cult of the bull and the rituals associated with it survived over time in the County as a tradition strongly rooted in the people of Alcochete. This has largely contributed to the formation of its identity.

This is an art. The passion and bullfighting culture is transmitted to everyone who visit Alcochete on festive occasions, especially in celebrations of Barrete Green and Salinas - Festas do Barrete Verde

Bullfighting evolved considerably since the Middle Ages to the present day. The bullfighting on foot and horseback is an art of the hunt, favorite sport of kings and nobles of the past.

The Owner of the Apartments Gouveia, Mr. Francisco Gouveia wrote a few popular songs about Alcochete, one that many older folks in Alcochete know of is * Vira de Alcochete *, a beautiful song.

Forcados Amadores do Aposento do Barrete Verde

Forcados Amadores do Aposento do Barrete Verde was founded on May 22, 1965, within the Green Barrete, José Luis Carapinha King, Manuel Pinto, Aníbal Pereira, Eduardo Vantacich da Costa, Luciano do Carmo Pinto, Gregory Tusk, John Mimo, Antonio Tavares, José Pinto, José Gomes, and later Augusto Henrique, and Luis Francisco Giro Onion.

Forcados Amadores de Alcochete

Forcados Amadores de Alcochete was established in 25 June 1971. With Gregory Bolota, Barrinha Jose da Cruz, Francisco Sequeira, Aníbal Pinto, Alberto Silva, José Pinto, Stephen de Oliveira, Filipe Sequeira, Manuel Pinto, João Mimo, Augusto Henrique de Oliveira and John King, are thus to be the Forcados Amadores de Alcochete, to which are added also João da Silva, Manuel Marques, António Manuel Cardoso, Antonio Cruz, Antonio Faria, Francisco Salvation, Paulo Penim, Victor Marques da Costa and Joaquim Godinho, John Mimo, among others. In the 80's fired up in the forced Alcochete Aníbal Pinto, Gregory Bolota, Francisco José Sequeira and Rocha. But not only joy is the history of this group. Tragedy shook on the 27 of March 1988 at the Plaza de Toiro of Alcochete, with the death of Hélder Anton, with only 21 years. Also Luis Manuel Pinto, the same age, would lose his life in an accident on 3 December 1989.

On 31 August 1995, Campo Pequeno is fired with António Manuel Cardoso, John Peter Bolota replacing Gregory Bolota. In recent years, they have spread bravery and courage.

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