Festas do Barrete Verde - Alcochete Barrete Verde e Salinas

With over 60 years of history, the celebrations of the Salt and Verde Barrete ( Festas do Barrete Verde ) represent the most authentic and true of what Alcochete folks have to offer. The second weekend of August is expected by all with great anxiety, because it marks the beginning of each party nationally recognized for his charisma and bullfighting tradition Festas do Barrete Verde.

The festivities preserve its origins in a religious cult, very pronounced in people, and a great passion for bullfighting, consolidated in tribute to three basic figures: the Campino, the strength and Salineira.
One of the highlights is the Night of grilled sardines during which happily follow behind the fanfare, thousands of people who fill with color and life of the streets of the town, with choreography created in a spontaneous and that last night until the sunrise / break.

Traditional running of the Bulls is another component of the festival Festas do Barrete Verde along with the bullfight, the musical shows, exhibitions and sporting activities that incorporate a program that keeps the town surrounded with joy.

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