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Alcochete Village

This well preserved small old village of Alcochete is located across the River Tejo from Lisbon (Portugal's Capital City), a 20 minute bus ride to Lisbon across the spetacular Vasco da Gama Bridge.

Everything you need is in the Village

In Alcochete village and minutes walk from the Apartments, you will find Banks, Travel Agency, Tourist Info Center, Restaurants and more..!

streets at night largo dos santos

Arts and Entertainment!

Alcochete Forum for the live arts and entertainment features local and national Artists and Musicians. It is also culture rich with exposition, museums and local city hall.

Alcochete Museums

Lisbon ~ Portugal's Capital city

A short drive to Lisbon will place you in the center of it's world class theaters and event showcase venues like Rockin Rio Lisbon. Lisbon city center is a 20 minute direct bus ride ( View Bus Scheduals ) or drive from the Holiday Apartments. Lisbon and all of its Entertainment, theaters, music, art, museums, historic buildings, bars, clubs, discos and its night life flavor is something to enjoy. There are tourist walking paths and easy public transportation to all venues. Guests can also bike to Tower of Belem, Jardim da Estrela, Museu Nacional De Arte Antiga, Chiado and more...!

Bull Fighting where the Bull is King!
Alcochete Bullfighting
bull fighting arena

Alcochete Bull fightingTradition/Culture

100 meters from the Holiday Apartments Alcochete / Lisbon is the long standing Alcochete Bullfight Arena. During the summer months Bullfighting events take place at this venue and also the running of the bulls on the main street in front of the Holiday Apartments Property. In Alcochete the Bull is King, the passion and bullfighting culture is transmitted to everyone who visit.

Festas do Barrete Verde
Running of the Bulls on the Street

Every summer the traditional running of the bulls on the street is a must see. This event is made possible by Barret Verde.

bulls bulls 2
Alcochete Bull Fight Area

The Alcochete Bull Fight Area (a few steps from the Apartment) presents Bull Fighting shows during the Summer months. It is something to see, young men line up to confront a huge bull with their bare hands. Below are short YouTube clips from these bullfight shows. Whre the Bull is King.

Corrida 2007

Freeport Shopping / Entertainment Complex
Alcochete Shopping

15 minute walk from the Holiday Apartments in Alcochete/Lisbon is Europes Largest outdor Shopping and Enternaiment Complex * FreePort *. There you will find all the major designer labels at discount prices, from Adidas, Calven Klein, Puma, Dim, Bata, Versace and many more. There are Movie theaters, Bars, Nightclub, many restaurants and a Kids play area. A fun place to visit.


Alcochete Freeport Shoping and Entertainment Complex is located 15 minute walk from the Apartments. This Complex is Europe's Largest outdoor Shopping and Enternaiment Complex. There is also a Bus that runs about every 15 minutes from the bus stop near the apartment to Freeport.

Freeport Designer Brands at Discount Prices

Following are some of the shops at Freeport.
Ada Gatti, Adidas, Aldo, Ana Sousa, Antarte, Arrow, Bata, Belros, Billabong, Blue Rise, Brooklins, Bruxelas, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Dim, Gant, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Levi Strauss, Miss sixty, Morgan, Pepe Jeans, Puma, QuickSilver, Reebok, Swatch, Benetton, Versace, Zara and lots more....!

Freeport Restaurants

You will find a variaty of restaurant types at Freeport, the following are some of them: Alcatejo, Burger Ranch, Hong Jin Long, Ice It, O Farnel, Super Brasa, Telepizza, Viva a Vac...and lots more!

Freeport Cinemas and Entertainment

There you will find 11 Movie theaters, Disco, Nightclub and more...!

Village Shopping and Restaurants

Village Shopping

Footsteps from the apartments in Alcochete are a variaty of small village shops. with fresh fish, meats, fruits and vegetables. There is also a supermaket and a convenience store. Local design fashion, kids, news stands and more... all within the village.

Everything you need is in Alcochete. For a small old village of about 15,000 people, you will find about 100 restaurants. These restaurants offer various types of traditional Portuguese dishes and of couse the best Fish dishes. Yes, you wil also find burgers, hot dogs, pizza and chiness food restaurants too.
Oh, lets not forget the numerous cafes and bars.

There are at least 6 banks in the village center with bank machits, travel agencies, farmacies, denture clinics and more.

As for the village shops, they offer fresh fish, meats, vegetables and fruits. There are a few bakeries where you will find hot off the oven bread and traditional sweets. There are supermarkets and convinience stores that are open a little later than the rest.

Francelina's Store

Francelinas Store in Alcochete Sells Fresh Fruit, Cheese, Meats and Vegetables. Francelina has been there for a long time and it shows, on Saturday mornings the local Alcochetanos line up at the cash register.

Cafes, Restaurants, Night Clubs!

Alcochete Restaurants

Alcochete is best known for its Fresh Fish delicacies, in the village there are numerous Restaurants that specialize in Fish dishers.

Don Peixe Restaurant

Don Peixe Restaurant is 1 of many we can recommend, the name says it all I guess, DON PEIXE. It's owner drives a Vespa and Loves everything and anything about Fish. Do you want to talk fish, go see the Owner Daniel, he's a wonderful guy. They also serve a great Vegetables Salada and the restaurant's chef is Danial's mom. Yep, it's a family business, you guessed right. But that's one of the things that really makes this Don Peixe restaurant a nice place, its warm family like atmosphere.

AlcachBar Alcochete

Alcach Bar in Alcochete is Awesome...meaning "Great"!

The Alcach Bar in Alcochete is a great Lounge Bar with a spetacular view of Lisbon. It is located in a beautiful garden, a short riverside walk from the Apartments Gouveia.

The staff, service and ambiance is amaizing! The AlcachBar.com site is also very user friendly with very good info, English and Portuguese.

Beaches / Outdoor Activities!

Riverside walk.

The salt water from the Atlantic Ocean meets the river Tejo here in Alcochete. You can walk along the river all the way to the beach. Yes, the beach here is very clean and ideal for wind surfing. Along the iver you will experiance a tranquil feeling of peace, you will see Amaila Rodrigues monument, fishing boats, various types of birds and yes, Lisbon City on the Horizon.

amalia riverside palm saling boat beach fishing boats
fishing boat wall flamengo riverside amalia
Alcochete Swim / Kite and Windsurf Beach
alcochete beach

Alcochete Swim Beach
Kite and Windsurf Beach

Alcochete Beach is an Ocean / River (Fluvial) Beach.

The "Beach of Wind Mills" of Alcochete was named after its old grain grinding wind mills that continue to reside there.

It is a nice beach to swim, relax and catch the sun. Weather conditions are ideal for sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing. There are a few cafe and restaurants there.

Enjoy water sports at Alcochete Kite Beach

Enjoy water sports at Alcochete Kite Beach. Minutes walk from the apartments is the Alcochete Ocean/River (Fluvial) Beach. This is where the Atlantic Ocena meets the river Tejo. The beach was named after its old grain grinding wind mills "Beach of Wind Mills". It is a nice clean soft sand beach to swim, kite, windsurf or to just relax and catch the sun. There are a few beach cafe and restaurants and various beach festivals during the summer months.

flying kites @ Praia fluvial do Moinho | Alcochete from tak | things about kite on Vimeo.

World Class Beaches and Sailing
Beaches and Sailing

Alcochete is located on the crossroads of Portugal's major highways and minutes from the Vaco Da Gama Bridge. This makes it possible to access all the Costa Azul and Costa do Sol world class beaches within 30 to 60 minutes drive. What makes our service a little different is that you can Hire Our Car and Chauffer to Drive you to the Beach and pick you up when you are ready to return.

Within 30-60 minutes drive from the Holiday Apartments Alcochete / Lisbon Guests can enjoy all the *Costa Azul* and *Costa do Sol* Beaches and Sailing. Just to name a few: Costa da Caparica Beach, Morena Beach, Fonte da Telha Beach, Lagoa de Albufeira Beach, Meco Beach, Sesimbra Beach, Portinho da Arrabida Beach, Troia Beaches, Oeiras, Carcavelos, Parede, Estoril Beaches, Tamariz Beach, Guincho Beach and more.

Costa Azul Beaches

Costa da Caparica Beach
is about 52.6 km (40 minutes Drive) from the Apartments.

Morena Beach
is about 57.3 km (50 minutes Drive) from the Apartments.

Fonte da Telha Beach
is about 59.3 km (50 minutes Drive) from the Apartments.

Lagoa de Albufeira Beach
is about 53.2 km (50 minutes Drive) from the Apartments.

Meco Beach
is about 57.2 km (60 minutes Drive) from the Apartments.

Sesimbra Beach
is about 48.1 km (60 minutes Drive) from the Apartments.

Portinho da Arrabida Beach
is about 47.7 km (45 minutes Drive) from the Apartments.

Troia Beaches
are all about 115.1 km (1 Hour and 20 minutes Drive) from the Apartments.

Costa do Sol Beaches

Oeiras, Carcavelos, Parede, Estoril Beaches
are all About 50 Minutes Drive from the Apartments.

Tamariz Beach
is about 58.7 km (55 minutes Drive) from the Apartments.

Guincho Beach
is about 68.7 km (1 hour Drive) from the Apartments.

View Beach Locations Map

Golf and Horseback Riding
Golf and Horseback riding

Like to play Golf?

Within 20-30 minutes drive from the Holiday Apartments Alcochete / Lisbon Guests can be on a Golf Course. The following are some we recommend: Riba Golf in Samora Correira, Estêvão Golf in Santo Estêvão, Golf Belavista in Lisbon, Paço Lumiar Golf in Lisbon. As horseback riding, there are a few local near by including the estate of the great hoseback bull fightere Jose Samuel Lupi.

Riba Golf in Samora Correira
is about 27.6 km (20 minutes Drive) from the Apartments in Alcochete.

Estêvão Golf in Santo Estêvão
is about 37.9 km (30 minutes Drive) from the Apartments in Alcochete.

Golf Belavista in Lisbon
is about 32.6 km (30 minutes Drive) from the Apartments in Alcochete.

Paço Lumiar Golf in Lisbon
is about 33.9 km (30 minutes Drive) from the Apartments in Alcochete.

Tróia Golfe in Codex/Tróia
is about 120 km (1 hour 30 Drive) from the Apartments in Alcochete.

View Golf Locations Map

Free Alcatejo Boat Ride
alcatejo boat

Free Alcatejo Boat Ride

All Holiday Apartments Alcochete/Lisbon Guests receive a Free Ticket to ride the Alcatejo. Alcatejo is a beautiful boat decorated with the traditional art and colors and it provides residents and tourists pleasant boat rides along the Alcochete waterfront throughout the year.

Alcatejo is one of the most beautiful vessels navigating on the Tagus. It provides residents and tourists pleasant boat rides along the Alcochete waterfront throughout the year.

A little History about *Alcatejo*

Property of the village of Alcochete since 1987, Alcatejo is a typical river Tagus vessel. It was built in Aveiro, circa 1940 with the name *Cándido Abílio*. The vessel has been restored with a new mast in stainless steel, painted in red and yellow the colors of the village of Alcochete, the Alcatejo once again started navigating the open waters of the river in August 2006. The vessel interior and exterior was painted/decorated and repaired by professionals including the electrical system according with the safety standards on board regulations.

Alcochete Estuary and Bird watching!

At the Holiday Apartments in Alcochete/Lisbon you are minutes away from one of the worlds greatest nature Natural Reserves the Alcochete/Tejo Estuary. It is about 14,000 hectares, the Avocets birds who are extremely rare, during the winter months make it a natural reserve. Bird watching in Alcochete / Lisbon is a destination for many tourists / bird and nature lovers.

Alcochete Estuary was established circa 1976. The area is about 14,000 hectares stretching from the Northern part of Alcochete. The bird population of about 70,000 thousand in the winter months makes this a natural reserve. Avocets makes this area even more important as these birds are extremely rare thru out the globe. Bird watching in Alcochete is a destination for many bird and nature lovers.

Vasco da Gama Alcochete / Lisbon Bridge

Vasco da Gama Bridge links Lisbon to Alcochete, 20 minute drive (also direct bus ride) across this spectacular Bridge to Lisbon city center. Alcochete is also located on the crossroads of Portugal's major highways. This provides access and quick travel time to all near by World Class Beaches and various places of interest.

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